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Re: [tlug] Using JDIC from inside ....

On Sun, 23 May 2004 09:50:39 +1000 (EST)
Jim Breen <> wrote:

> >> By the way, there is an option in gjiten that allows both word and
> >kanji> lookup from the clipboard. It's just a matter of adding a
> >keyboard> shortcut to your window manager to run gjiten with those
> >args. It worked> for me with every app so far, just highlight the text
> >and press your> hotkeys.
> Can you make it loop looking for something to turn up? That was a nice
> feature of the one that Todd & I started on. No keystrokes at all; just
> highlight the text. ISTR it sits in a 1000ms sleep loop doing a "catch"
> on the cut buffer.

It would be possible I guess. The fact is that only a low percentage of
the selections I make are Japanese or English text that I want to look up
in gjiten. It would be rather annoying to have it popping up with a bunch
of C,perl,whatever code in it saying it didn't find a match.

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