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Re: [tlug] Suse 9.1 Sound wrote:

>Hmmm. I went for a fresh install and restored my files from backup.
>Since I didn't have any problems, it took less than an hour. For me, 
>the online update took me around 5 or 10 minutes. I'm sorry to hear that 
>your upgrade took longer. 

I think the way you did it is the better way of doing it.  I went for 
the upgrade as I have installed a number of things over the basic 
install and I thought it would be easier than having to go through all 
that again.  I think all the bits and pieces I've put in (text editors, 
photo related stuff, dictionaries, etc.) are also the cause of the extra 
time then... and probably also the extra update time.  Thanks for 
mentioning your experience with that - I may do it that way on the next 
machine I upgrade.  A number of things have a different feel to them 
after the upgrade - mostly improved, but... well, I'll detail things if 
there's something very specific.


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