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Re: [tlug] Using JDIC from inside ....

Shawn <> wrote:
>> > In WWWJDIC's word-translator I use a prioritized file of 550k+ entries,
>> > incl. ~400k proper names.
>> Is that the "THE_LOT" file?  Is that a secret sauce or is that file (or a 
>> script to generate it) available someplace (such as the subsets and 
>> special files).

No secret - it is all the files I have tipped together with a priority
rank attached, then sorted according to kanji/kana/rank and the lower-ranked
duplicates dropped. The priorities are all in the docs page. wrote:
>> Would it be too far-fetched of an idea to use Wine to run Windows
>> apps and then integrate Windows-based stuff as you suggested above?

No hope in hell of working. Things like RoboWord sit there trapping
Windows API calls. It needs real trojan and virus-prone Windows facilities 
to do that.

Botond Botyanszki <> wrote:
>> By the way, there is an option in gjiten that allows both word and kanji
>> lookup from the clipboard. It's just a matter of adding a keyboard
>> shortcut to your window manager to run gjiten with those args. It worked
>> for me with every app so far, just highlight the text and press your
>> hotkeys.

Can you make it loop looking for something to turn up? That was a nice feature
of the one that Todd & I started on. No keystrokes at all; just highlight the
text. ISTR it sits in a 1000ms sleep loop doing a "catch" on the cut buffer.



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