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[OFF TOPIC] [tlug] Re: Server Racks

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On Thu, 20 Mar 2003 00:01:56 +0900
"Thomas Kruemmer" <> wrote:

> On 19/03/2003 at 09:11 Josh Glover wrote:

- --- SNIPPED the ranting (cause... you know... saving bytes and such) ---

I LOVE receiving this kind of... umm... stuff in my inbox.  It's exactly why I joined the TLUG.  I like them so much that I may subscribe another email addr just to receive them twice.

Sarcastic?  Yes.  Josh... your overly long, uncalled for response is the type of posting (which you've done before) that makes me think about unsubscribing.  I don't know you personally, but you've ticked me off in the past by ranting on-and-on about a faux pas... a simple transgression... a mistake.  Maybe someday I'll actually get my butt out of Tokorozawa and to a meeting or Nomikai and get to know you.  Until then, this mailing list is all I've got.

You're the list master.  You enforce the rules.  That's fine (and I do appreciate it).  But sometimes, you're just plain rude... for no good reason.  This mail will probably make you upset.  I could have written this mail in a completely different style -- come from a more level-headed direction or wrote to your addr directly -- but you didn't, so why should I?

BTW, I do enjoy your input.  You've proven yourself to be very knowledgable (to me that is... you've been a TLUGger longer than me).  You understand IT security (a man after my own heart) and are very helpful when responding to questions.  But... sometimes...

Mike Gauthier
[This posting is overly long and uncalled for.]
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