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Re: [tlug] Re: Server Racks

Quoth Thomas Kruemmer (Wed 2003-03-19 08:09:47AM +0900):
> Yeah, including superfluous PGP sigs. 
> Anyway, a big moushiwake-gozaimasen-on-myhands-and-knees-with-sob-running-
> out-of-my-eyes-and-nose for violating the rules.
> If there were any moushiwake, my defense counsel would state that subscribe
> to another list that exclusively top-posts. This is not an excuse, just an
> explanation.

Flame-baiting the Listmaster is generally consider Not A Good Thing...

First of all, I do not consider cryptographic signatures to be superfluous.
They are very important to some people, and to those who don't care, they
can be easily and harmlessly ignored. The signature on my original email
was 189 bytes (accounting for only 08.11% of the email's total size). I
hardly think that is soaking up bandwidth.

Secondly, top-posting draws the ire of many on this list, and thus I step in
when there is a spate of it to remind the guilty parties that this mailing
list prefers, nay, demands that the response to an email be appended to the
bottom of the quoted comments. As Jim Breen (IIRC) noted not too long ago,
this is more in the style of a traditional conversation, and much easier to

Top posting is acceptible, IMO (and in that of this list), if and only if you
are making a general observation which benefits from having the original
email as a context, but does not really address specific points in the
original email.

Regardless of your stance on top-posting, the failure in that thread to trim
the uneccesary stuff from the previous emails was what provoked my tone. I
think that top-posting encourages this kind of laziness.

Therefore, I would advise you to take the comments that I make in my official
role in the spirit in which they are intended, i.e. to maintain the quality
of this mailing list.

In this matter, I think that your response was not only unnecessary, but its
sarcastic content was downright childish.

In the future, please remember that I am not passing judgement on you or
anyone else, I am just doing my job. With this in mind, it should not be
overly difficult to realise that you committed a faux pas and simply try not
to do it again.


Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

GPG keyID 0x62386967 (7479 1A7A 46E6 041D 67AE  2546 A867 DBB1 6238 6967)
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 62386967

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