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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 04:20:31AM +0900, Stephen Lee wrote:

> > A line can only be one or the other, not both.  Well, I
> > suppose you could manufacture a device to encapsulate ISDN over 
> > ADSL, but why would you want to?  
> They theoretically can travel on the same wire, but unlike ADSL/analog
> which travel on different wavelengths, there are some overlap between
> ADSL/ISDN so it is not usable currently.  It is theoretically possible
> to use a different band for ADSL, but NTT is probably not going to do
> that.
> It is indeed rumored that NTT might offer ADSL/ISDN or SDSL/ISDN with
> ISDN encapsulated over DSL, so it is not as implausible as you think.

It is sure possible. Here in germany I use the ADSL Service from the german Telekom, which is combined ADSL/ISDN. There is a splitting device which just seperates the Signals (by Frequency, I suppose). In fact, in the beginning they were not even offering ADSL/Analog, but do that now. They wanted (and still want) to push ISDN over here.
I just wish I had a static IP address... *sigh*

nya~ni ?

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