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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

Stephen Lee ( wrote:

> It is indeed rumored that NTT might offer ADSL/ISDN or SDSL/ISDN with
> ISDN encapsulated over DSL, so it is not as implausible as you think.

You could encapsulate ISDN over DSL, yes, but that would be silly.
It would also require some hardware gyrations to make it work.
The whole point, though, is that since DSL is faster than ISDN,
there's no point in doing it.

You could, in theory, also encapsulate DSL over ISDN with the proper
hardware, but that would be even sillier, since your DSL would
then be limited to less than 128 kbps max theoretical throughput
(less due to encapsulation overhead), and you'd still have to pay for
it by the minute, since the underlying level would be ISDN.  If you
find anybody who wants this, I have some swampland and some shares
in famous bridges that I'd like to sell them :-)

I have not heard of anyone manufacturing hardware that will encapsulate
ISDN over DSL or vise versa.  Anyone else?

WRT Flet's DSL, they might share the same data network at some point.
OCN/Flet's is frame relay, and somewhere beyond that would
connect into NTT's main backbones, but I would not expect any
interaction between the OCN network and the DSL network per se.
Flet's DSL is a marketing term rather than a technical one.


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