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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

Stephen Lee ( wrote:

> Is that a inherent limitation of the Flet's/OCN networks or simply that
> ISPs are allocating less upstream bandwidth per Flet's/OCN user?

That's an inherent limitation of Flet's and OCN.   Neither 
Flet's nor OCN are dedicated 64 or 128 kbps services.  Rather,
the max. capacity of the point-to-point link is 64 or 128,
but there is no service level agreement on it (they seem to 
be frame relay, or at least work on the same principle), so
the more people you are sharing your Flet's or OCN cloud with,
the less bandwidth you will get.  Since there is no SLA, 
throughput could drop to near-zero and you would have no grounds
for complaint.  Like the saying goes: fast, good, cheap - pick
any two.


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