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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

Jonathan Byrne <> wrote:
> Stephen Lee ( wrote:
> > 2.2 Flet's ISDN
> > provides an option to INS64/INS64-Lite called Flet's ISDN.  For a monthly
> > fee of X,xxxY NTT gives you a special dial-up number which you can call
> > for free.  The number let you access a high-speed data network through
> > which you can access your ISP.
> The data network may be high-speed, but the Flet's connection itself
> is not.  Flet's works like OCN; the 64 kbps of Flet's is not a CIR, it is
> the highest speed you can in theory achieve.

Is that a inherent limitation of the Flet's/OCN networks or simply that
ISPs are allocating less upstream bandwidth per Flet's/OCN user?  In the
same sense that INS64 is also 64kbps to the ISP and you may get less
upstream depending on how many others are dialling up at the same time,


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