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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

Stephen Lee ( wrote:

> To use INS64 service, you will need to provide some equipments yourself,
> namely (1) a DSU, and (2) an ISDN terminal adapter (TA) or an ISDN router.

Most TAs have a built-in DSU (AKA NT-1 device), but if you get one without
it, you will either need to provide your own or rent one from NTT.
If you want to have NTT provide the DSU, be sure to tell them when
you order the service.  The installers usually don't have spare
DSUs on the truck.

> 2.2 Flet's ISDN

> provides an option to INS64/INS64-Lite called Flet's ISDN.  For a monthly
> fee of X,xxxY NTT gives you a special dial-up number which you can call
> for free.  The number let you access a high-speed data network through
> which you can access your ISP.

The data network may be high-speed, but the Flet's connection itself
is not.  Flet's works like OCN; the 64 kbps of Flet's is not a CIR, it is
the highest speed you can in theory achieve.  However, like OCN, you can
(and usually will) see much lower speeds.  Flet's gets you a flat-rate,
always-on connection at a low price, but you give up performance in
exchange.  Our experience has shown Flet's to be quite a bit slower
than dial-up INS-64.  

If you feel the need for speed (at all), you probably won't like


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