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Re: Tokyo high-speed access

Stephen Lee ( wrote:

> ADSL is now available to most of the 23-ward, and can be expected to
> spread to close-by areas like Kawasaki.

DSL is all over Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba already.  Most areas of
Kawasaki have been covered since late 2000/early 2001, with more
coming online constantly.  

> the basic monthly fee for analog phone service.  As of now NTT does not
> offer ADSL with ISDN on the same line.

A line can only be one or the other, not both.  Well, I
suppose you could manufacture a device to encapsulate ISDN over 
ADSL, but why would you want to?  

> Flet's ADSL is NTT's own ADSL service.  It reuses the infrastructure for
> Flet's ISDN. 

Umm, no.

DSL runs over an analog local loop (it's just a POTS line on 
steroids), whereas ISDN is fully digital. They never cross the streams;
DSL lines terminate on a DSLAM in the telco CO; ISDN
lines terminate on an ISDN switch.  After those points, DSL 
and ISDN are both routed over the PSTN core, which
is all digital, but everything from the CO to your door (the
local loop) is a physically distinct network.

The only way you could do this would be to connect your DSL modem to
an ISDN TA that understood DSL signaling, and then run the DSL out
the ISDN line, but you'd be limited to 128 kbps if you did that.

Of course, if it used the Flet's infratructure, you'd be limited to
a max of 64 kbps, but would usually see less.  

> and most give you 1 dynamical IP.


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