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Re: Tokyo high-speed access FAQ

Anyone care to add a word or two about GOL's ADSL service? (They sponsor 
TLUG activities, no? ^_^)

Also, after reading the FAQ I was very interested by the following:

>4.1 NTT-ME
>The Personal service gives you one IP address at 6,890Y per
>month. The Professional service is 26,400Y a month, but gives
>you 13 IP addresses, your own domain, primary DNS and all the

Is anyone using this? What's the service like? I'm happy with my current 
provider's ADSL but it doesn't give me a static IP. If I can get a static IP 
from NTT-ME I'll definitely think of switching!

I figure one static IP address and a Linux box running a proxy/firewall 
would give me all the IP's I need for my internal LAN ...

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