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RE: Tokyo high-speed access

Few random notes:

   - Tokyo Metallic is giving free upgrades from 640Kbps to 1.6Mbps (if your
line can handle it), just had mine done
   - service area greatly expanded (unfortunately don't know the details, at
least setagaya-ku needs to be added).

If you want more detailed information, greatly recommend sending a note to:
Ken Cotton (  He's very helpful and is probably more
than happy to get the word out.


Jonathan Shore
E-Publishing Group K.K.

> 4.0 ADSL
> If you live in one of the following areas:
>     Kayaba-Kabuto (Chuo-ku)
>     Aoyama (Minato-ku)
>     Mita (Minato-ku)
>     Yotsuya (Shinjuku-ku)
>     Yodobashi (Shinjuku-ku)
>     Ikebukuro (Toshima-ku)

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