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Re: jvim

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 10:27:40AM +0200, Mike Fabian wrote:

[kon/jfbterm & canuum]
> But doing Japanese input that way is *very* inconvenient. 

That's the way I have been using on the console.
I am just hoping I don't need canuum for jvim-canna...
Especially since canuum doesn't work right on my Debian system
(Anyone who knows where to get a working canuum package ?)
It is not included in the canna package, probably because of license issues.
To compile canuum you seem to need wnn (It's a patched version of wnn ?)

> I don't know about jvim, but I guess that it will also use C-o,
> at least when this binding has not been changed in ~/.canna.

I tried C-o but that didn't work.
How do I change the binding in ~/.canna ?

nya~ni ?

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