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Re: jvim

>>>>> "SN" == SN Diamond <> writes:

    SN> Sorry, I misinterpreted which kind of "console" he meant.
    SN> Right, if X isn't active, then it will be necessary to use kon
    SN> and uum, or some other method.

Oh, yeah, that's a good point.  Tobias does need to get kon (and I
think there's a Japanese framebuffer console application now, which
might be a nicer substitute).

    SN> Red Hat 7J doesn't include the uum command (though it includes
    SN> the uum manual page and several related commands) and I keep
    SN> forgetting to search for it elsewhere, so I haven't tested
    SN> this yet.  Sorry.

uum is usually only necessary if you need to use Wnn in the shell (eg
for Japanese file names, I've never heard of an app invoked with
kanji, not to imply that there isn't one, though).  AFAIK all
Canna-enabled apps talk directly to the Canna server, as do most Wnn
clients.  I think there is a cannuum program for Canna, too, but I
never used it.  There are a few non-shells that require uum to talk to
Wnn, but not many.

    SN> It detects if you invoked it with the command "gvim" or plain
    SN> "vim" (or "vi").

I hate programs that do that; I much prefer a command line option (eg,
Emacsen use -nw).  To each his own.

    SN> I just need to get uum.

Should be in the FreeWnn distribution.  IIRC, the only things that
were hard in Wnn 4.109 (the last Wnn I tried to build) were getting
the !"#$% dictionary perms right (and getting them to stay that way!)
and building xwnmo (which I never did get to work, due to the
maximally bogus X config files distributed with Wnn of that vintage I

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