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Re: jvim

>>>>> "SN" == SN Diamond <> writes:

    >> What about vim without X ?  I like sticking to the
    >> console... ^_^

    SN> I haven't checked recently, but I think there will be no
    SN> exception then.  I think that the console will retain control
    SN> over whether XIM is active.

It sure does "retain control over XIM" -- it shuts it down entirely.
XIM probably can be made to work without access to an X display, but
it would be a hell of a lot of work that as far as I know hasn't been

For console apps, you need something that talks directly to the henkan
server, and for free software clients that probably limits you to Wnn
(maybe 6, though), Canna, SJ3, maybe SKK, and anything that Emacs
speaks (basically Quail and SKK for vanilla GNU Emacs, plus Canna and
Wnn for emacs-dl, plus SJ3 for XEmacs) in a shell buffer.  ATOK and
other proprietary services (eg, exported over a LAN from Sun and HP
systems) and the like are out AFAIK, they all use XIM.

In practice, I believe there are (console) versions of most vi clones
that talk to Canna and Wnn4/FreeWnn at least.  You may be able to use
X-enabled vi on the console, but it won't be able to talk XIM from

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