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Re: jvim

>>> What about vim without X ?  I like sticking to the
>>> console... ^_^
>> I haven't checked recently, but I think there will be no
>> exception then.  I think that the console will retain control
>> over whether XIM is active.
> It sure does "retain control over XIM" -- it shuts it down entirely.

Sorry, I misinterpreted which kind of "console" he meant.  Right, if X isn't
active, then it will be necessary to use kon and uum, or some other method.
Red Hat 7J doesn't include the uum command (though it includes the uum
manual page and several related commands) and I keep forgetting to search
for it elsewhere, so I haven't tested this yet.  Sorry.

> You may be able to use X-enabled vi on the console,

It detects if you invoked it with the command "gvim" or plain "vim" (or
"vi").  Of course on the real console you won't invoke it as "gvim" so it
won't even try talking to X.  I do need to find if it will cooperate with
uum though.  I just need to get uum.

Yours sincerely,
Norman Diamond

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