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Re: jvim

Tobias Diedrich wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 07:12:20AM +0900, SN_Diamond wrote:
[about vim 6.0z beta]
> > bugs.  Support for XIM is built-in, if you set options correctly in the
> > Makefile.  In either insert mode or the colon's command prompt mode,
> > shift-space turns XIM on and off.  In visual command mode (i.e. when
> What about vim without X ?
> I like sticking to the console... ^_^

I haven't checked recently, but I think there will be no exception then.  I
think that the console will retain control over whether XIM is active.
However, you're unlikely to make a mistake in visual command mode (i.e. beep
mode) because XIM will still keep its indicator on the screen, reminding you
of your input mode, until you hit shift-space.

The gnome console has trouble with hankaku katakana but kterm doesn't.  If
there's any chance that you'll be editing a file containing hankaku
katakana, you'll either want to use vim 6.0 under kterm, or gvim 6.0.

Mike Fabian reminded us that Ctrl-O should also turn XIM on and off.  I
haven't tested it under vim 6.0z beta.

Yours sincerely,
Norman Diamond

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