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Re: jvim

Stephen J. Turnbull replied to me:
>> Red Hat 7J doesn't include the uum command (though it includes
>> the uum manual page and several related commands) and I keep
>> forgetting to search for it elsewhere, so I haven't tested
>> this yet.  Sorry.
> uum is usually only necessary if you need to use Wnn in the shell (eg
> for Japanese file names, I've never heard of an app invoked with
> kanji, not to imply that there isn't one, though).  AFAIK all
> Canna-enabled apps talk directly to the Canna server, as do most Wnn
> clients.  I think there is a cannuum program for Canna, too, but I
> never used it.  There are a few non-shells that require uum to talk to
> Wnn, but not many.

To the best of my understanding, this kind of connection to Canna or Wnn
isn't planned for vim 6.0, so I think uum or canuum will be necessary.  I
haven't heard of canuum before.

>> I just need to get uum.
> Should be in the FreeWnn distribution.

Of course it should be.  I said Red Hat 7J "doesn't" include it, not

Yours sincerely,
Norman Diamond

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