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Re: [tlug] Permissions on local Apache web testing environment

Kalin, Edward, Ian,

Thank you all for responding.

I installed FireBug, and it told me for each JavaScript file I'm trying
to load:

"The requested URL /javascript/touchmove.js was not found on this server."

And the Apache error logs concur:

"[error] [client] File does not exist:
/usr/share/javascript/touchmove.js, referer:";

But as far as I can tell, the files are exactly where they are supposed
to be.

I think I can rule out JavaScript operation as the source of the
problem. It's a file handling error. For some reason, it can't find the
files despite them being where they have always been relative to the
file calling them.

What could I have lost in the backup/restore process that would cause
the files to not be found, despite being where they are supposed to be?

Dave M G

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