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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 12:11, Brett Robson <> wrote:
> Dave M G wrote:
>> TLUG,

> If you want an audio player then get an real audio player.
> * Apple audio products fail at the one point they should be good at -
> audio quality. Apple do not publish proper specs for their products such
> as SNR and I've read estimates of them being in the range 70-85dB which
> is very poor. You might think that you don't have golden ears, or that
> you are just listening to crappy mp3s and won't appreciate audio quality
> but that's a mistake, anyone can hear sound quality - they just might
> not be aware of it. Standard 128 Mb mp3s sound can sound pretty good on
> a good player.

And then, when will you notice this? I use my ipod nano in the train.
Where there are so many noises I often don't realize what horrible
mp3s I do have in my collection (mad probably more than 10 years ago
with one of the first mp3 software).

I never heard any difference between the audio players I used, nor I
doubt I ever will. But perhaps I have just crappy ears ;)

> * Because of their support for proprietary formats Apple don't support a
> good range of audio formats. The minimum requirements are: mp3, wav,
> flac, ogg.

Thought that was a point for me in the past, it is not anymore. Nor do
I care anymore about "open" formats. I do have my music in mp3 and aac
and I can play that in os x and linux and I really do not care about
anything else anymore.

> * Apple tie you into the use of Itunes, their products don't appear as a
> USB drive.

Again, once ago this was a major point, but I realized that the use of
itunes helps so much in managing playlists, etc, that I really don't
care if I can use my ipod as an external HD or not, because honestly
it is an mp3 player. for data transfer I have USB sticks ...

Clemens Schwaighofer /

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