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[tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone


For ages now I've been wanting to replace my archaic MP3 player and
phone with an all in one device, like an iPhone. But not an iPhone.

When the iPhone came out, I didn't get it because I think Apple is evil
and I figured I could wait for some kind of Android/gPhone to hit the

Well, it's been ages and I've lost confidence that Android/gPhone is
going to do anything in Japan within my lifetime. And my MP3 player is
starting to show signs of impending death, hastening my desire to
replace it.

So I'm considering turning to the dark side. With the points I have at
Softbank, I can get an iPhone with a reduced time commitment (no matter
how you arrange your service plans, you basically pay for it in monthly
instalments of about 1500 yen for two years, despite what the ads say.
If you leave before two years, you pay the remainder). Right now I'm
thinking that gPhone/Android won't be available for about a year anyway,
so I could switch over then maybe.

My question to the group is if there is a good reason I should *not* get
an iPhone. Any reason at all. I've been rooting for some kind of open
source alternative to come along for ages now, but I just don't see it
happening. Am I wrong? Is there a better option than the iPhone? Is
there some flaw (like will I not be able to transfer files from my
Ubuntu machine to the iPhone?) that I'm not considering?

Stop me if I'm about to make a deal with the devil that I'm better off
not making.

Dave M G

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