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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

2009/5/2 Dave M G <>:

> When the iPhone came out, I didn't get it because I think Apple is evil
> and I figured I could wait for some kind of Android/gPhone to hit the
> market.

Sorry man, you win the hypocrisy prize of the day. If you think a
company is evil and you have a choice, you don't buy their products,
full stop.

I think Sony is evil, so I did not buy a PS3, even though I had been a
life-long PlayStation gamer. After Sony's DRM nastiness came to light
a few years back, I made the decision that I would not support with my
dollars *any* division of a company that thinks it is OK to act like
that. So no more Sony electronics, no more Sony games, no more Sony
music CDs (and lemme tell you, that last one hurt me the most, given
that Sony has one of the best classical catalogues out there), no more
Sony anything.

So what did I buy? An X-Box 360, because I think Microsoft is less bad
than Sony, and I think Microsoft is no longer much of a threat to Open
Source. So I'm happy enough giving their games division a few quid.

If you think a company is evil but have no choice (e.g. the telecom
monopolies in Japan and many European countries), that is one thing,
but if you think Apple is evil (and I don't; I think they have a good
business model and they are more up-front about their lock-in effects
than MS was back in the Bad Old Days), you *have*a choice: buy a
product that you might consider inferior to keep your cold hard out of
Job's claws. :)


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