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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

Josh Glover wrote:
> Dave M G wrote:
>> When the iPhone came out, I didn't get it because I think Apple is evil
>> and I figured I could wait for some kind of Android/gPhone to hit the
>> market.
> .. if you think Apple is evil (and I don't; I think they have a good
> business model and they are more up-front about their lock-in effects
> than MS was back in the Bad Old Days), ..

Apple reserves the right to prohibit third party software from running
on their machines.  i.e. if your software product competes with an Apple
product or conflicts with their business interests they reserve the
right to deny you the means to sell it.  Thats goes a lot further then
Microsoft.  This is a worry because they are designed to displace
desktop computing.


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