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Re: [tlug] Anyone else using Anthy for Japanese input?

On Wed, 06 May 2009 "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
>  > Personally I've always liked seeing the toolbar :-)  Although it is
>  > a bit problematic to find a place to put it on the screen so that
>  > it doesn't obscure something else...
> Isn't that what dual-headed displays are for?

I do have a dual-head display at work, actually, but if I were to move
the toolbar too far outside my normal field of vision, I would lose the
enjoyment of seeing it! Fortunately I don't input Japanese often enough
for this to be a serious problem :-)

Incidentally, this might be an opportune time to mention again a mildly
irritating problem I mentioned some months ago and didn't get a response
to.... to see if anyone reading now has an idea:

Each time I restart my KDE desktop, the skim/scim toolbar resets its
position to the left edge of the screen, centered (vertically).  I like
to keep it lower-right-ish, so I always have to move it back after a
reboot.  Any clues?  Thanks.


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