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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

2009/5/7 Edward Middleton <>:

> Josh Glover wrote:
>> .. if you think Apple is evil (and I don't; I think they have a good
>> business model and they are more up-front about their lock-in effects
>> than MS was back in the Bad Old Days), ..
> Apple reserves the right to prohibit third party software from running
> on their machines, [which] goes a lot further then Microsoft.  This is
> a worry because they are designed to displace desktop computing.

But my point is: if this is a worry, then don't buy their products. I
have not bought an iPod for just this reason. I have bought a MacBook,
which is my wife's, and I *do not* use for development. I'm fine with
running no third party software on it.

But *I* have never uttered the statement, "Apple is evil". If *you*
have, then don't ask for advice about buying their products and expect
me to not sputter from the peanut gallery.

I'm just saying is all. ;)


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