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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

> my archaic MP3 player and
> phone with an all in one device, like an iPhone. But not an iPhone.
> When the iPhone came out, I didn't get it because I think Apple is evil

Ok, if you wait for android, I will too.  Otherwise we will both end
up on an iPhone with evil Apple.

My current Keitai is sometimes powering off at inopportune moments,
especially when I write mail.  It's not the battery for sure and
doesn't do it when I am just talking.  Something about how I press the
keys or hold the phone and something being loose is my guess.

Anyway.. cupcake was only release recently and judging by the
developer lists, there was no real way to get Japanese support before
that.  OK, conversion by using an app that connects to the internet
but DOCOMO is hardly going to release a phone going that route.

I say hang in there and get a cheap MP3 player if you have to because
there may be times when you'll want to save the battery life on your
phone but still have music available.  Not that you'll always carry
two devices but....


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