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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

Dave M G wrote:

For ages now I've been wanting to replace my archaic MP3 player and
phone with an all in one device, like an iPhone. But not an iPhone.

If you want an audio player then get an real audio player.

* Apple audio products fail at the one point they should be good at - audio quality. Apple do not publish proper specs for their products such as SNR and I've read estimates of them being in the range 70-85dB which is very poor. You might think that you don't have golden ears, or that you are just listening to crappy mp3s and won't appreciate audio quality but that's a mistake, anyone can hear sound quality - they just might not be aware of it. Standard 128 Mb mp3s sound can sound pretty good on a good player.

* Because of their support for proprietary formats Apple don't support a good range of audio formats. The minimum requirements are: mp3, wav, flac, ogg.

* Apple tie you into the use of Itunes, their products don't appear as a USB drive.

I've had a Cowon Iaudio M5(?) 20 GByte HDD system for 5 years or so that gave very good service in spite of it's hard life, it's finally gone brain dead. I'm currently using a Siren 2 Gig flash unit which is not particularly good but it's tiny and filling the need for the time being.


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