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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

2009/5/7 Doug McLean <>:

> First time poster to the list (こんにちは皆様!).

こんにちは, person who I've never met before in my life, especially not in
a branch office of a large public Seattle-based company... ;)

> If I can add one thought to this, it would be that Apple, like all
> privately owned corporations is free to run their business however they like [...]
Not so fast!

Still, if I modify your statement to read "Apple, like all publicly
traded companies, is free to run their business however they like,
within the confines of established and enforced law, and as long as
they do not piss their shareholders or Board of Directors off too
much," your next sentence still holds very true:

> If you disagree with how a company designs its product [or runs its business],
> it's best to hit them in their wallet by not buying it.

Which is the point I was making, albeit *much* more bluntly (some
might say "*much more dickishly"). :)


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