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Re: [tlug] Who is www-data, and why do they want my CPU?

Josh, SB, Evan,

No.  Do it now.  That's a simple find command, it doesn't require a running
 process in order to work.

Okay. I ran the command, and it spent maybe twenty minutes outputting thousands of lines that look like this:

find: Symbolic link `/sys/block/sdf/device/driver/2:0:0:0/scsi_generic:sg1/subsystem/sg2/device/scsi_disk:6:0:0:0/subsystem/6:0:0:2/device/scsi_device:6:0:0:2/subsystem/0:0:0:0/device/bus/devices/6:0:0:1/generic/subsystem' is part of a loop in the directory hierarchy; we have already visited the directory to which it points.

Does that help shed any light on what's going on?

Dave M G

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