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Re: [tlug] Testing email functions within PHP on my local machine

Godwin, Gerald,

Thank you for replying.

If the mail in question has to go through the Internet to reach its
destination then the chances are that it's being rejected by the
recipient MX (direct-to-mx from a residential connection).
Set your local copy of sendmail to smarthost through your ISP's mail
DSname.of.smarthost your

In my file, the only smarthost entry is:
# fallback smart host
#O FallbackSmartHost=

Is this what I set to be my ISP's SMTP server?

I'm a little confused, because my ISP (Tepco/KDDI) uses a different port, and needs a username and password. I don't see anywhere to input that.

I tried looking it up on the net, but the information, like in this web site:
... is getting deep. There's all this talk of other files, like /etc/mail/authinfo, which I don't have.

Please tell me I'm not seeing the forest for the trees, and this is a little easier than it appears.

Dave M G

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