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Re: [tlug] Testing email functions within PHP on my local machine

> I'm hoping I don't have to install an SMTP server on my local machine,
> because my understanding of SMTP is that it is very complicated.

No, only if you want to understand it :-). On Fedora at least if I
install the sendmail RPM it sets everything up and it just works.
But I'd be surprised if you don't already have sendmail (or equivalent)
installed, as my system requires it to mail daily reports, cron error
messages, etc.

Try typing sendmail from the commandline. If found, find its path and
put that in sendmail_path in your php.ini.

> Last, it seemed that maybe what I needed to do was specify an SMTP host to
> use in my php.ini file. However, the section on SMTP says, right in the
> file that it applies to "Win32 only":

I thought unix could use smtp_port too, but the manual agrees with you.
So, if you want to use SMTP directly to send email there is a pear


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