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Re: [tlug] [OT] Say _no_ to the Microsoft Office format as an ISO standard

On 4 juil. 07, at 09:43, Darren Cook wrote:

There are plenty out there, including a lot of university students who
are writing quality code but wasting half the effort by releasing as
GPL. I had an email discussion with a free software advocate recently
who declared my use of liberal-open-source-license code in a commercial
environment was stealing.

How do you convince developers that giving others the right to close the code they took so much time to write is a benefit ?

And I did not declare that use of "liberal-open-source-license code" was stealing, it is closing the code and/or not contributing back that is stealing.

And yes, I believe that the private ownership of surplus value creating mechanisms is not a social good.

For total disclosure though, I have just created such a surplus value creating thing: I just incorporated, here, in Takamatsu, and I can tell you that fair redistribution of the surplus value I'm intending to create _is_ my aim.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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