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Re: [tlug] Testing email functions within PHP on my local machine


Sorry to follow up on my own posting, but I've hit a new confusion.

The email script I've written doesn't return any errors. I've tried both the basic PHP mail() function, and the phpmailer class from Sourceforge. Both return a value of "true" when they think a mail has been successfully sent. So far as I can test it, they are sending off the email message I'm writing.

But, I'm not receiving any of the email at any of the addresses I've attempted to write to.

Because of the lack of error output, I'm not sure where to turn to in order to figure out where things are failing.

I looked in /var/log to see if there were any error logs associated with Sendmail, but didn't see any. The Apache logs didn't have anything.

Of course I also checked my local spam filters, but they didn't trap the message.

Is there anything I can do to make sure my local machine is getting the messages sent?

Dave M G

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