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Re: [tlug] MythTV in Japan

>>>>> "Edward" == Edward Middleton <> writes:

    Edward> On Wed, 2005-03-02 at 16:07 +0900, David Bennett wrote:
    >> At any rate, one of the things I definitely want to get working
    >> is MythTV. I am going to buy a TV Tuner and start the party,
    >> but, and this is a big but, has anyone got it working in Japan
    >> with our TV Channels here? (the TV recording, live tv pausing,
    >> Onscreen guide etc.?)
    Edward> This a book in Japanese on how to make your MythTV box.
    Edward> It gives examples using Knoppix MythTV live cd, Fedora
    Edward> Core and Vine Linux.
    Edward> It seemed to be fairly newbie oriented.

Here is a relatively new description, which had just been posted on
the mythtv mailing list, on howto install mythtv:


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