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SCO [was Re: [tlug] How revolutionary is M2?]

> Just a minute there!  You two aren't going anywhere without your SCO
> license, now cough up your $699 each! :-)

Hey you smiley troll.

I refuse to pay for at least 45 days.

<from groklaw>
SCO has 45 days to identify "all specific lines of code" they allege IBM 
put into Linux from AIX or Dynix; identify and provide "with specificity 
all lines of code in Linux that it claims rights to; provide and identify 
with specificity the lines of code that SCO distributed to other parties, 
and this is to include "where applicable the conditions of release, to 
whom the code was released, the date and under what circumstances such 
code was released."
</from groklaw>

I wonder how the "well we licensed out this code under a GPL license to so 
and so on such and such date" will play out or if that issue will just get 
sidestepped.  IANAL so I can not tell and even if I were, doubt that I 
could because they are such tricky chaps at least from the view from my 


Happily using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

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