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Re: [tlug] How revolutionary is M2?


On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 11:29:01 +0900, Shawn <> wrote:

>> I haven't noticed anyone using M2 before (at least, not that had
>> the M2 .signature), but there must be something about it that drew
>> you away from [fF]ree mail clients such as Kmail, mutt, Balsa, Sylpheed,
>> Evolution, etc.
> [Snip comment about lack of Japanese support in Evolution.]
> Other than that, it is just convenient to have a browser/email client 
> together especially when doing web application developement and there is 
> a need to discuss bugs on mailing lists.  It probably goes in the 
> catagory of "fat - wasted resources" to users of mutt and some of those 
> others.

Unless I am totally ignorant of the functions in many other mail
clients, you may be missing one of the greatest things about M2.  M2
has some really cool  and fast mail filtering functions in it.  I am
currently using M2 and would happily change to another mail client if
it provides these types of functions, as M2 lacks a lot of other
important mail features.  So what are these functions?

* Contacts: Clicks on a contact and see all the mails that you have
received and  sent to that person.  Note: this is a relatively fast
operation and spans all the mails in Opera M2.  Of course, you can do
this in other mail clients, just be ready to wait  and hope that all
you mail is organized in one folder/mail box.

* Active threads: Is a nice feature that shows you the last few
conversations(threads) you have. Click on a thread and see all the
back and forth related to said thread.  Honestly, I do not use this
much, but my girlfriend does quite a bit.

* Searches: Keeps an active and up to date view of your recent
searches and the results you  have made.  I believe a few other mail
clients now have this, but I am not sure as to the speed.

* Attachments: Keeps and index of mails you have received with certain
types of attachments in it. Such as Documents, Archives etc...  This
is really nice when you want to find that attached gz file a friend
sent you and quickly.

* And others.

Ultimately, what is great about M2 is the many ways it
lets you view your mail.  My main gripes are that the text editor is
horrible and the UI is not to my taste. I would recommend playing with
it, just to see how nice the above functions are.   If there are any
current mail clients that support Japanese and do the above and work
on Linux I would love to know!


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