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Re: [tlug] Japanese input in openOffice 1.1

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 04:59:24PM +0900, Blomberg David wrote:
> Has anyone here been able to run English OpenOffice 1.1 and get Japanese
> input to work?  I have English and Japanese installed.  Japanese input
> works great for Japanese OpenOffice, but when I start up the English
> version (with all the same environmental variables) I get the IME and
> can see the kanji until the point of input when they suddenly go from
> Kanji to square blocks. (or am I asking a dumb fonts question?)

Yup.  :)  Dumb fonts question probably.  

My page has a section on the fonts--I've had good success with the kochi
fonts, and the page even has a link to a tarball of two of them (thanks
to Pietro's generosity in providing space for them).

In most versions of OO you add it with spadadmin--with Deb, however, I
just apt-got (to coin a verb) them and they were there next time.  

My page is at

The fonts part is under printing I think--I'm too lazy to look at this


Scott Robbins

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