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[tlug] Copying a DAT drive

I wonder if somebody could give quick instructions for this:

I need to copy a DDS2 tape that was made with a unix server.  I have no idea
what is on it, and wether there are multiple sessions on it or what (suspect
cpio was used to write it, but no evidence to back it up).

Other info: Should be about 200MB Data so enough temp space in the machine.
Only one DAT drive is connected

Ideal would be a kind of image copy, ie. I don't want the Unix server admin
to notice any  difference if he ever needs to restore from the tape.

Any suggestions?

Patrick Niessen 
IT-Manager / Planning & Controlling 
Gerling Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Japan Branch
ゲーリング・アルゲマイネ保険会社 日本支店
TEL. +81-3-5214-1361 / FAX. +81-3-5214-1365

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