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Re: [tlug] Re: debian japanese

[Mike Fabian ([tlug] Re: debian japanese) writes:]
>> When using kinput2 with Canna, kinput2 not only reads the Shift-Space
>> keybinding from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Kinput2 it also uses
>> keybindings defined in ~/.canna. More detailed explanation at

Yes, I already posted about ~/.canna

>> On RedHat, the file /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2.egg is used
>> for the default keybindings of kinput2/Wnn.
>> /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 is the default in the upstream
>> sources of kinput2. RedHat changed the default but they didn't
>> change the man page. 

Groan! Damn them.

>> I also changed the default for SuSE Linux >= 7.3 because the keybindings in
>> /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 are really weird.

OK, so we add SuSE to RH and Mandrake on the list of breaking distros?


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