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[tlug] Re: debian japanese

Jim Breen <> writes:

> [Mike Fabian ([tlug] Re: debian japanese) writes:]
>>> When using kinput2 with Canna, kinput2 not only reads the Shift-Space
>>> keybinding from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Kinput2 it also uses
>>> keybindings defined in ~/.canna. More detailed explanation at
> Yes, I already posted about ~/.canna
>>> On RedHat, the file /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2.egg is used
>>> for the default keybindings of kinput2/Wnn.
>>> /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 is the default in the upstream
>>> sources of kinput2. RedHat changed the default but they didn't
>>> change the man page. 
> Groan! Damn them.
>>> I also changed the default for SuSE Linux >= 7.3 because the keybindings in
>>> /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 are really weird.
> OK, so we add SuSE to RH and Mandrake on the list of breaking distros?
> 8-)}

But I did update the man page :-)

For SuSE Linux 7.1 and 7.2 I had left the default as it was in
the upstream kinput2 sources.

Personally I preferred the keybindings in
/usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2.egg and thought that
the keybindings in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 were very strange.

But as the upstream default was like this, I thought that
somebody must like these keybindings and didn't change it.

Then I received feedback from people complaining about the weird
keybindings of kinput2/Wnn. Some requested to change the default.
Some were even telling me that kinput2 with Wnn was broken. But it
wasn't, they were just confused by the unusual keybindings.

As nobody seemed to like the upstream default keybindings, I changed
the default for SuSE Linux >= 7.3. 

I didn't receive any feedback about kinput2/Wnn keybindings since.
Maybe nobody uses SuSE Linux anymore :-)

Mike Fabian   <>

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