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[tlug] Re: debian japanese

Jim Breen <> writes:

> [Michael Moyle ([tlug] debian japanese) writes:]
>>> 1) Canna defaults to Shift-Space, can this be changed? This default means
>>>    that the way I type, I am switching into canna all the time. 
> In the interests of strict accuracy...
> <pedantry>
> Canna (or Wnn) and Shift-Space have nothing to do with each other. It's
> kinput2 that traps and actions the keystrokes. Canna could be on a
> different server.
> </pedantry>

When using kinput2 with Canna, kinput2 not only reads the Shift-Space
keybinding from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/Kinput2 it also uses
keybindings defined in ~/.canna. More detailed explanation at

> Staying with keystrokes and IMs. I'm having a spot of bother with Yudit
> and kinput2, as Yudit uses function keys to switch between IMs, however
> kinput2 defaults to using these keys to trigger mode changes. (Yes,
> Gaspar knows of the problem.)
> I look in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2  which is where the kinput2
> man page says the control keys are defined, and it says that mode
> changes happen with TAB and Shift-TAB, but in fact they don't. (OK, who
> believes man pages anyway..)

On RedHat, the file /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2.egg is used
for the default keybindings of kinput2/Wnn.
/usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 is the default in the upstream
sources of kinput2. RedHat changed the default but they didn't
change the man page. 

I also changed the default for SuSE Linux >= 7.3 because the keybindings in
/usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 are really weird.

The keybindings in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2.egg are much
closer to the behaviour of other input methods, e.g. kinput2/Canna,
Canna or Wnn in XEmacs etc., they behave like most users expect
whereas the bindings in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2 are really
unusual. I also updated the man page of kinput2 to show the changed
default :-)

> Soooo, one more time, where and how does one fiddle with kinput2's
> control key setting and *where* is this documented?

Mike Fabian   <>

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