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Re: [tlug] debian japanese

[Michael Moyle (Re: [tlug] debian japanese) writes:]
JB > Soooo, one more time, where and how does one fiddle with kinput2's
JB > control key setting and *where* is this documented?
>> I found editinng .Xresources gave me some control. I would like to know
>> where kinput is documented because not all of the directes are in the
>> man page. 

Yes, but not that damned F1. Anyway Gaspar Sinai just found it. It is set
in /etc/skel/.canna and/or ~/.canna   This is a totally deceptive file
name, as that file is ignored by canna. It is used by kinput2 when it 
starts up in canna mode. The fuckwit who called that file ".canna"
should be slowly dismembered.

>> It would be nice to understand these things better for a web page. I'm
>> afraid my page would be full of statements, like "this seemed to work",
>> apply this hack with xmodmap, no idea what this does, install a pile of
>> fonts into you can see kanji ;)

I agree that a good consolidated set of instructions for kinput2 and
Canna is really needed. I was used to it with Wnn, but its personality
changes according to the conversion engine, and with RH7.x canna is the
only one that seems to work.


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