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Re: [tlug] debian japanese


I just realized my bash for loop f'd up all my files. Thats what I
get for fooling around so late at night. lamo

everything still works though. 

> <pedantry>
> Canna (or Wnn) and Shift-Space have nothing to do with each other. It's
> kinput2 that traps and actions the keystrokes. Canna could be on a
> different server.
> </pedantry>

good point, and something I would have liked to have known going into the

> Staying with keystrokes and IMs. I'm having a spot of bother with Yudit
> and kinput2, as Yudit uses function keys to switch between IMs, however
> kinput2 defaults to using these keys to trigger mode changes. (Yes,
> Gaspar knows of the problem.)
> I look in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2  which is where the kinput2
> man page says the control keys are defined, and it says that mode
> changes happen with TAB and Shift-TAB, but in fact they don't. (OK, who
> believes man pages anyway..)

hehe, mine WERE in /etc/kinput . They don't seem necessary since I
overwrote most with a silly mistake. ;) I may reinstall kinput if I have
real trouble. 

> Soooo, one more time, where and how does one fiddle with kinput2's
> control key setting and *where* is this documented?

I found editinng .Xresources gave me some control. I would like to know
where kinput is documented because not all of the directes are in the
man page. 

#define XIM kinput2
!Kinput2*conversionStartKeys: Shift<Key>space \n\
!       Ctrl<Key>o \n\
!       Ctrl<Key>backslash \n\
!       Alt<Key>Zenkaku_Hankaku
!Kinput2*conversionStartKeys: Shift<Key>space
Kinput2*conversionStartKeys: Ctrl<Key>space
!skkinput*conversionStartKey: Shift<Key>space
!skkinput*conversionStartKey: Ctrl<Key>space

^^ for some reason redefining Shift-space to Ctrl-space removed the
shift-space default. That could use further experiementation. I tried to
simply comment out shift-space, but I think I had to redefine space
which doesn't make much sense to me. 

KTerm*VT100.Translations: #override\
        Ctrl<Key>o: begin-conversion(_JAPANESE_CONVERSION)\n\
!       ~Meta <Key>BackSpace: string("\177")\n\
!       <Key>Delete: string("\033[3~")\n\
!       <Key>Home: string("\033OH")\n\
!       <Key>End: string("\033OF")

This got Ctrl-o to work. I tried getting Ctrl-space to work. I got it to
start kinput, but ctrl-space would not stop it. Ctrl-o works find "for
some reason". 

It would be nice to understand these things better for a web page. I'm
afraid my page would be full of statements, like "this seemed to work",
apply this hack with xmodmap, no idea what this does, install a pile of
fonts into you can see kanji ;)


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