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Re: [tlug] debian japanese

[Michael Moyle ([tlug] debian japanese) writes:]
>> 1) Canna defaults to Shift-Space, can this be changed? This default means
>>    that the way I type, I am switching into canna all the time. 

In the interests of strict accuracy...

Canna (or Wnn) and Shift-Space have nothing to do with each other. It's
kinput2 that traps and actions the keystrokes. Canna could be on a
different server.

Staying with keystrokes and IMs. I'm having a spot of bother with Yudit
and kinput2, as Yudit uses function keys to switch between IMs, however
kinput2 defaults to using these keys to trigger mode changes. (Yes,
Gaspar knows of the problem.)

I look in /usr/lib/X11/ccdef/ccdef.kinput2  which is where the kinput2
man page says the control keys are defined, and it says that mode
changes happen with TAB and Shift-TAB, but in fact they don't. (OK, who
believes man pages anyway..)

Soooo, one more time, where and how does one fiddle with kinput2's
control key setting and *where* is this documented?


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