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Re: [tlug] epcEditor

[Michael Moyle (Re: [tlug] epcEditor) writes:]
>CM = Chuck Muller:
CM > >> But the fact is, as I see it from the lower end of
CM > >> technical skill, unless some people begin to provide some easily usable
CM > >> applications like the one I introduced yesterday, Linux will continue to
CM > >> remain a platform limited in its usage to a small coterie of  IT
CM > >> professionals and skilled hackers, forever being off-limits to the more
CM > >> average end-user like myself, who would have to stay with locked in the
CM > >> Redmond prison.
>> True. Except learning linux has to do with patience more than anything
>> else. It is free after all. 

Hmmm. No excuse for things being sloppy, counter-intuitive and arcane
(not that I can claim to be sin-free on any of those.)
>> > Ah, there are a lot of us old vi people around; we're just older and
>> > wiser. Besides who'd ever get up missionary zeal over vi. I liken it to
>> > the Sunni and Shi'ite schism in Unixdom. Watch out for them
>> > fundamentalists.
>> This is an interesting phenomenon. 
>> vi vs emacs
>> windows vs mac
>> freebsd vs linux
>> Of course, linux is my answer to the classic windows vs mac debate. Now
>> I see this freebsd vs linux banter.

Huh? What "freebsd vs linux banter"? I thought we were stoking up the
"vi vs emacs" religious war? Don't go bringing in red herrings! Nothing
worse than a totally confused religious war. 

(Reminds me of that short story called "The Religious War on **th Street" 
[I forget the street] which describes in a very humorous way the events 
when a Hare Krishna group, a Scientologist group and a "Jews for Jesus" 
rally all arrive at the same NY corner.)


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