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[tlug] Re: debian japanese

Jim Breen <> writes:

> [Michael Moyle (Re: [tlug] debian japanese) writes:]
> JB > Soooo, one more time, where and how does one fiddle with kinput2's
> JB > control key setting and *where* is this documented?
>>> I found editinng .Xresources gave me some control. I would like to know
>>> where kinput is documented because not all of the directes are in the
>>> man page. 
> Yes, but not that damned F1. Anyway Gaspar Sinai just found it. It is set
> in /etc/skel/.canna and/or ~/.canna   This is a totally deceptive file
> name, as that file is ignored by canna. It is used by kinput2 when it 
> starts up in canna mode. The fuckwit who called that file ".canna"
> should be slowly dismembered.

It is also used by nicolatter when used in canna mode and by canuum.

Mike Fabian   <>

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