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Re: [tlug] Arcane command-line (Was: epcEditor)


On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 07:20:47AM +0900, Scott McLennan wrote:
> Yes. I remember how terrible the clunky keyboard and awful feeling
Hey! I happen to like sun keyboards. :)  They have the Control key where $deity
intended it to be.

> of sunOS 5 and solaris 6,7 etc., Recently I threw out lots of solaris
Bzzzzt.  SunOS 5 = Solaris.  And IIRC they only did the single digit version
number thing from Solaris 7 and above.

> manuals and cables, scuzzies etc., Just really gave up on it. It's
> taken Linux ages to get 'near' user friendly. It will take a bit longer
> to get near microsoft in terms of the screens etc., Of course for
> security and server usage, Linux freeware is great but it's taken ages to
> get to the level of how windows really feels.
Hmmm, patches to Apache to add security holes to make it feel more like IIS

> The community is pretty good. Of course we have to give back to
> the community and not just ask questions. It's tough to learn it all.
Then don't.  Learn enough to get what you need done.  It's Not Difficult(TM),
and there is always Windows or MacOS.

> If you spend all your life as a developer and suddenly feel that you
> want to work in security and networks, then it's really tough. Its tiring.
Most changes of fields of specialty are tiring/tough.

> takes humility. You get on news groups and feel like a baby. Oh. I dont know
> that so I must have such a simple mind. Gee it's embarassing. I know how
> to program in perl,asp,javascript,xml,java, c, c++,php,hdml, oracle, sybase,
> mysql,xsl,vb,access,
> java servlets, xml beans, xl etc., spent a decade learning Japanese but why
> cant I get
You know, I never knew that xml was a programing language.....

> my viper 330 and viper 550 to work on my redhat
Hmmmm, used both of those cards.  Not difficult at all.....

> system. I changed the file system to ext3 and now my xfree86 will crash and
> come back faster but it took a while to research it. Everything takes time.
Yes, in this universe everything takes time.

> handle dvd's. It all takes time and its all free but it takes ages to learn
> this stuff.
TINSTAAFL.  Oh and "Linux is only free if your time has no value." -JWZ

> because you simply dont have the time. Because you have to get that linux
> network certificate or that redhat admininistration title.
You *could* not get any certs and be happy....
> What can I say? Life is definitely a bugger. And then out of the blue
> suddenly
> you cark it. And on your gravestone it's written .. 'He tried .. but
> unfortunately
> he never conquered Linux. '. Well ugh.. dont worry! Version 9 is out
> tommorrow.
Great, Version 9 will probably break my kernel code again. *sighs*

> (Jinsei wa kanarazu imi arimasu yo... Zettai. Doko ka ne.. eh eh ).. ;-0)

Kentaro A. Kurahone
SIGUSR1 Research and Development
Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!
"Yesterday's truth left yesterday, When hellfire froze right over."

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