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Re: [tlug] Font Sizes in (X)emacs

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Muller <> writes:

    Charles> Options >> Font Size

    Charles> and chooses a larger font, what one gets (or at least,
    Charles> what I get) is not a change in the size of my document
    Charles> font, but the font on the tab at the top of the document
    Charles> that gives the file/buffer name. Doesn't this seem odd to
    Charles> you? I does to me.

This is _not_ what you said before.  You said that when you change the
font size, XEmacs forgets from session to session.

Now you're saying the font size doesn't change at all.  This would
happen if the "document font" is not an ISO-8859 font.  I can tell you
how to change the font size for Asian fonts, etc, but it can't be done
through the menus yet.

    Charles> But aside from that, if you are bothered by "people who
    Charles> think like me",

No, people don't bother me.  Bugs do.  That was the first report I've
seen in years of not being able to save face settings.  "Save Options"
is right there on the same menu with "Font Size", and it works, for
those fonts that the menu knows how to change sizes for.  So I wanted
to know how you think so we can not only document this particular
thing correctly, but maybe fix other similarly misdocumented features.

    Charles> are enough lists out there where I can get information
    Charles> without being insulted or derided, by immature persons,

Who derided anybody?  "Insult is taken, not given."  You would seem to
be highly skilled at finding insult where none was intended.

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