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Re: [tlug] scrolling in emacs

>>>>> "HA" == Hector Akamine <> writes:

    HA> Hi,
    HA> While editing a file in emacs, if I go past the last
    HA> line that is shown on the editing window, the window
    HA> scrolls down several lines at once. I would like emacs
    HA> to scroll just one line at a time. Is there any
    HA> setting that I can put in .emacs to make it happen?

I've got the following piece in my .emacs. You may want to customize
the last part (key bindings).



;; O'REILLY'S BOOK "GNU Emacs Extensions"


;; scrolling

(defalias 'scroll-ahead 'scroll-up)
(defalias 'scroll-behind 'scroll-down)
(defalias 'scroll-other-window-ahead 'scroll-other-window)
(defalias 'scroll-other-window-behind 'scroll-other-window-down)

(defun scroll-one-line-ahead ()
  "Scroll ahead one line."
  (scroll-ahead 1))

(defun scroll-other-window-one-line-ahead ()
  "Scroll other window ahead one line."
  (scroll-other-window-ahead 1))

(defun scroll-one-line-behind ()
  "Scroll ahead one line."
  (scroll-behind 1))

(defun scroll-other-window-one-line-behind ()
  "Scroll other window ahead one line."
  (scroll-other-window-behind 1))

(global-set-key [end] 'scroll-one-line-ahead)
(global-set-key [home] 'scroll-one-line-behind)
(global-set-key [C-end] 'scroll-other-window-one-line-ahead)
(global-set-key [C-home] 'scroll-other-window-one-line-behind)
(global-set-key [C-next] 'scroll-other-window)
(global-set-key [C-prior] 'scroll-other-window-down)

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